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Walking Tour of Charleston, S.C.: Day 18 cont.

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Walking Tour of Charleston, S.C.

Description: On our first full day in Charleston, South Carolina, the group took a walking tour of downtown Charleston. The group saw the city market, which was given to the city of Charleston by the Pinckney family, the battery, and Rainbow Row. Our tour Guide, Mrs. Georgia, provided the group with a plethora of facts and stories that involve the city of Charleston. The tour lasted around two hours and we walked a total of about three miles. Mrs. Georgia gave the group facts that only a local would know including showing the group where Stephen Colbert, a comedian from Hampden-Sydney, grew up.

Reflection: While on the walking tour, I realized that Mrs. Georgia did the same thing the Savannah Trolley Tours did on our first day of the trip. However, I discovered that the walking tour of Charleston was more interesting than the trolley tour of Savannah because we as a group were walking the city and seeing the history up close. The walking tour provided knowledge on the history of Charleston which I adored. Learning the history of a big port city in America gave me so much excitement. Charleston was and is still influential in the economy of the South. Listening to Mrs. Georgia tell the group about Charleston was a perfect event for me because I loved hearing how the history and stories of Charleston developed and molded the culture and vibe the city gives off. The walking tour also gave the group a great look at while Charleston is considered the low country. While on the tour, and especially at the battery, I saw how close the city was to the sea level

Analysis: A walking tour of Charleston is the best way to see the city, learn its history, and experience its unique culture. The walking tour gives the people on the tour a personal and up close look at the many aspects the city has to offer. You get to see Catfish Row, the place where the opera Porgy and Bess was based off of. You also see Rainbow Row, a row of houses painted with bright colors that has no historic value but is just interesting. Not only do you visit historic and touristy attractions, you also see people who call Charleston their home. The people of Charleston take pride in the city’s history. They also embrace the new direction that the city of Charleston is headed. The city is starting to rely on tourism more and less on the port itself. While the port is still the main attribute of Charleston, the tourism of Charleston is growing and the citizens of the city understand that and they take advantage of it. A great example is the walking tour the group took. Overall, the walking tour is the best way to see most if not all of the amazing qualities the city of Charleston, South Carolina has to offer.

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